You Don't Need to Tolerate Employee Misclassification

You Don't Need to Tolerate Employee Misclassification

Workers in Glendale, CA turn to Simonian & Simonian for representation

Has your employer in the Glendale, CA area wrongly classified you as an independent contractor? Employee misclassification could end up costing you a fortune in unpaid taxes or-if you're injured-medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Willful employee misclassification is illegal under California law. If you think you're a victim, talk to an employee misclassification attorney from Simonian & Simonian, PLC today.
What employee misclassification could cost you:

Your employer may have misclassified you as an independent contractor to avoid paying taxes, employee benefits or workers' compensation. But that misclassification can cost you in the form of lost...

  • Tax breaks
  • Medical leave
  • Pension plans
  • Overtime wages
  • Insurance coverage
  • Unemployment insurance

Find out if your employer has misclassified you. Call 818-405-0080 now to ask an employee misclassification attorney in Glendale, California to evaluate your case.